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Bearwood Park Roadmap!

Hey campers! Thanks for being patient as we work towards releasing Bearwood Park to the public! We’d love to share where we are in development and let you know what to expect in the future.

Remember that this game is built for the community, by the community, and all the time we’re taking to work on it is being used to create something that we hope you will all love for years to come!

Below is a timeline for the major stages of the game’s development!

We’re currently in “Indev” (short for in-development). This means that we’re still working on building the foundation for a public release. Once we’re done with the basic features for the game, we’ll be moving onto Alpha.

Alpha, or “closed beta” is the first stage where we bring in players from the public! Our first wave of players will come as everyone who’s signed up to the Pawtreon (past and present). After that, we’ll start releasing closed beta codes, through raffles and other events! This stage will allow us to test our features before we open everything up to the public.

Up next is Beta! During this stage, we’ll open the game up to everyone! By then, we’ll have some new features to test out, but the game will be far from complete. We’ll release regular content updates, with major features.

Once we feel like we have enough features, we’ll roll out the 1.0 update, officially marking our game as Released. It will be smooth sailing from here, with regular events and updates!

We appreciate your patience, and hope you’re all as excited as we are for the public versions of the game!

7 thoughts on “Bearwood Park Roadmap!

  1. Thanks for the update! Looks like a well-developed plan, hope the development process is one that can run smoothly in light of inevitable challenges that are anticipated. All the best.

  2. I’m getting excited! Can’t wait…obviously everything is up in the air right now, but do you have goals in regards to dates? When do you hope, at the rate things are going, the “park” will open?

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