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Week 2 #BWTober Prompt

It’s now been a full week since we announced our first prompt for the #BWTober Art Challenge! If you missed that announcement, you can read up about it here.

This week’s prompt is “Flowers”! If you’d like to participate, post your art using #BWTober to any social media, or use #BWToberWeek2 in the #art-gallery channel of our Official Discord.

Before you head off and start drawing, we’ve heard some questions about how this contest will work, so here’s a quick FAQ!

Q: I missed the deadline for the last prompt! Is it too late?

A: Well, in all reality – there is no deadline! The winners for each of the prompts are going to be chosen at the end of the entire contest, so feel free to post each week’s prompt at any time.

Q: I’ve submitted art, how will I know who the winners are?

A: The winners of the challenge will be posted to all of our social media, and our Discord server!

Q: Does my art have to be digital to win?

A: No! In fact, all mediums are eligible to win this contest. The only thing that matters is if you submit your best work!

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