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Week 1 #BWTober Prompt

Since today is October 1st, it’s time to reveal the first prompt of the #BWTober art challenge!

This week’s prompt is “Hot Drink”. For anyone who didn’t see the first post, or if you need a refreshment (pun intended) here are the rules to the challenge:

1) Use #BWTober on your posts for us to be able to see them! You can post your artwork on either Instagram, Twitter or in the #art-gallery channel on the official Bearwood Park discord. For the discord submissions, make sure to send your message with #BWToberWeek1 or 2 or 3 or 4, for us to find your message more easily.

2) You may use any kind of medium! Be it digital, traditional or even other mediums, the choice is all yours.

3) Copying, tracing, or posting other people’s art (even your friends) is not a valid submission and will be disqualified.

4) Art that features inappropriate content, mean or hurtful messages or that otherwise does not meet the BWP community standards will be disqualified.

5) Most important of all, have fun with it!

At the end of this challenge, we are going to choose 4 people as winners for the best art piece for each prompt!  All of the winners will be awarded with the chance to design a piece of clothing that would be made canon in the game when it comes out for everyone to see and use. 

Good luck to everyone submitting art! We can’t wait to see everything you all can come up with!

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