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Pawdcast Q&A Highlights

The Bearwood Park team just released its first livestream highlights video! These highlights were taken from the Pawtreon Q&A livestream hosted on September 13th! Check out the video for exclusive answers to questions that you might have about the game:

How can I ask questions in the future?

You can expect many more of these livestreams in the future, though they will be exclusively live to our Pawtreon supporters. Although all campers will get access to the full stream after it has finished, not all tiers will always be able to ask questions during the stream. This stream for example asked for questions from silver campers and up.

If you’d like to support us on Pawtreon, go to

What will future streams look like?

Though there will be more Q&A’s in the future, the team will focus more on creating podcast-style livestreams, where staff will talk freely about the development progress. Highlights for these may not always be available, but we’ll aim to include the most important parts of livestreams will be public.

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