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Welcome to Bearwood Park

Welcome to Bearwood Park! We’re super excited to have you here and cannot wait for you all to join us for beta later this year.

Our goal is simple. We want to create the next-generation, cross-platform virtual world for players of all ages to enjoy. No matter how old you are, you’ll find an extremely welcoming and fun community here at the park.

To reserve your spot for beta, we encourage that you pre-register your account.

On this blog, you’ll find sneak peeks and updates from our development team. We have tons of exciting things brewing up behind the scenes, and we cannot wait to share them with you.

For even more sneak peeks, be sure to join our Discord server and follow us on Twitter.

With that said: what would you like to see in Bearwood Park? Are there any games or features you hope to see in beta? Let us know in the comments!

131 thoughts on “Welcome to Bearwood Park

  1. I hope we can send coins/ items to other players! Also I love the set up its super cute and I love all the bear puns!

  2. Outstanding! I can’t wait for future updates, Gokhan137. I hope to see in the beta the waterfall and fog featured in the promotional picture, that looks really cool.

  3. Hi Gokhan! I have some suggestions like beta items so in the future they become super rare! And, you should make monthly parties that stay for like twelve days maybe? Plus you should make monthly clothing catalogs and monthly house catalogs!
    I mean they don’t have to be monthly but don’t make them the same all the year XD!

    1. 12 days seems a bit long. How bout somewhere in between 7 to 11 days depending upon how big the party is. e.g., Halloween, Christmas, anniversary parties and etc. can be 8/9 days long while parties that will probably never happen ever again should be 10 or 11 days long.

    1. Hi Bearwood Park team. I got a suggestion. Can you pls like search players and add them. Without being next to them. And it will tell you which server your friends are on. I cant wait. I rlly want to play this

    1. but if he does he will never know that we are actually penguins…or he might finally go to some playce tropical and enjoy himself in another way

  4. I’m soooo exited! I wonder if it’s a HTML5 or downloadable version because of flash shutting down. I agree with pineapple whale so we can send coins and items that whould be great or better trades!

  5. I think in the beta there should be something like secret agents but instead of secret agents they should be scouts and if you are a scout you can do missions.

  6. I’m so excited for this 😀 I can’t wait. I love to make videos so hopefully I can record a video when it comes out fully <3 excellent work and can't wait to see the rest of it xo

  7. Hey, I wanna thank you so much for making this incredible soon to be playable game for your fans Gokhan. here are some things I would like to see in this game ; Bear shaped coins [To buy different things in game] , Secret Locations, Emotes [That you can purchase in-game with coins] , Animations for eating or Etc, Pets [Such as birds and etc.] , They should have different armies of bears, In the beginning when you first start to play the game I think there should be a bear named fuzzy or something to show you around the map. Thanks for reading if you did!

  8. Definitely monthly themed parties! Eventually if there could be interactive little buddies we can buy whether it’s a pet or more of a sidekick.

  9. By the way, you can put in the catalogs something to change the species of the bears because I don’t think I’m going to keep the panda.

  10. First of all…THIS LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!!! You and the team have definitely delivered. I wish I could be a part of it.

    Obviously in BETA, you can’t have it all, and this isn’t supposed tot be a blatant rip off of Club Penguin, but I’d love a theater…? And maybe some sort of pet down the line?

  11. I would absolutely love to see a strong connections/friending interface that goes beyond a list. I also think it would be amazing to have a version that is ad-free to prevent any lag during gaming.

  12. IM SO EXCITED MAN! Gokhan, I’m really hoping that you you really are reading these comments beacuse there are some good ideas that most people have said. But something I want before we start playing this game when it comes out is a TRAILER! (I hope I spelled that right lol) a trailer would be a good way to introduce the game and to get a glimpse on what to expect. And, if they trailer happen I would suggest it to be an animation/cartoony trailer to really get hype in my opinion. Also, before all that happens I WANT MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE GAME PLEASE lol.

  13. will there be membership?? i understand the need for a pattern to keep your team running and i wouldn’t get angry with a membership because you guys need the money to keep going but if you do add a membership can you not do it like club penguin? they made it so that if you weren’t a member you couldn’t really enjoy all of the game, i would like if you do add it to make sure you don’t forget about non-members 🙂 this game looks awesome and i cant wait!!

    1. You’re right. CP (It’s better if I say Disney) should’ve cared about the fanbase more than the money. At least the private servers did. And I hope Bearwood Park will care about their future fanbase (since the game isn’t even a thing yet) too.

  14. Ho! Did you think that this idea was the only idea I had for the scouts? Well you are wrong, well I will tell you the new things that I have for you, when you are very new to the scout team the scout master gives you a scout hat and an exploration suit and I am not going to tell them missions to The missions that your scout master tells you to do I will call them quests and when you complete a quest you get a badge, I don’t know what Gokhan will choose to do with the badges, obviously you will be able to use it on your bear but I don’t know which of these options You are going to choose Gokhan, look at Gokhan, these are the only options I have for the badges, make them pins or every time you have a badge, every time you have your exploratory suit, it’s like when you have that card jitsu amulet and every time you finish master the elements you get a stone and your amulet will change and you can see the stone that the sensei gave you in the amulet, or in the other hand you can create your own thing to make with the badges Gokhan, Also just to clarify I’m not from the bearwood park team.

  15. Yay! I can’t wait and I’m so happy you are doing this project Gokan! You will definitely be even more successful by this, and I’m glad I can support your game and your channel! Keep up the awesome work!

  16. send daily gifts to friends but we shouldn’t have to pay to send our friends like, 10 coins a day, eating animation, dancing, and most importantly, it would be better if you put adverts instead of memberships like in club penguin, people will want to enjoy this game to the max

  17. And add seasons! Like a lot of leaves during the fall season. But the park covered in snow during winter season will remind us of cp and it will look amazing

  18. I am pretty excited for this game. Everybody and teir mom knows that this will be awesome. keep up on the good work guys!

  19. Super cool, probably even better than a cpps. Can you add mobile support? Google play is easy to get apps on, and they will definitely approve it.

  20. I’m so excited I play club penguin and LOVE it and I can’t what to see what you guys have in store! I have two questions, are there going to be pets and mascots?

  21. I am very excited but when I registered it said I will get an email within a week; I still haven’t gotten it and I registered the first day.

  22. I cant wait! I would love to see codes in the game! that you can unlock items or coins with. also, when does beta testing start?

  23. I’d like to see daily rewards, so that we have a reason to open the game every day. I’d also like to be able to send gifts to other bears, like the virtual currency, furniture items, clothes and so on. And, I’d love to see something like an agency in the game, with a new mission every week. And it’d be funnier if they are multiplayer missions. New tasks weekly would prevent the game play from becoming repetitive for players.

  24. I can’t wait for this game to come. I really want to see pets also it would be cool that beta players will get like 1 beta pet and that pet is really rare in the future and u can add people when u search they’re name up and join the server they are in. I would love Mascots too. Also if u can trade coins. Can we please have like a pet index if u do add pets so we know what pet we need. Can’t wait for this game it’s gonna be fantastic.

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